Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheap business class flights- how to get them?

Cheap business class flights are not impossible to get if you know the secrets. Presenting below are 10 best tips for obtaining cheap business class flights.

1. Be a member of the frequent flier programs of the airlines you normally fly on. It is better if you can join loyalty program at least from two leading airlines so that you can make fair comparisons. If you can gain elite status you'll enjoy exceptional perks suchlike seating privilege, free lounge entree and upgrade priority. A few airlines in America will instantly promote elite members to 1st class whenever space is available.

2. Seek a flight on "all-business" class L'Avion which flies from New York City to Paris from more or less $1,550 return. Or else look into L'Avion's code-share partner OpenSkies (a British Airways subsidiary company) which flies a 3-class Boeing 757 with just 82 seats between Paris and New York City.

3. Try out flying with a few less well-known airways for instance Pakistan International, Air India, Kuwait Airways and Iceland Air - they all fly between the US and the UK. They normally undercut the business class cabins of the leading carriers by up to eighty percent. It is possible to have returns in business class for just about $1,700. This shows us that cheap business class travel is not so hard to get if you know the trick.

4. Bear in mind one of the minor Asian carriers such as China Airlines, EVA and Korean Airlines, especially if your departing from West Coast America to Asia, as they frequently offer really great deals to many Asian cities. Another source of low airfares to Asia are Chinatown consolidators.

5. Be alert! Look out for irregular special deal business class fares offer by the leading airways. Be the first to know their offers by signing up to their mailing list. The "open skies" agreement between the US and the EU that came into force in 2008 has urge the leading airlines to slash some transatlantic business class airfares to more or less the $2,000 level.

6. Inquire if you can buy an upgrade to business class at the airport, especially at the gate, the check-in, or in the frequent flier lounge. As little as $200, airlines can put up one-way upgrades on international flights. This is obviously cheaper than reserving a first class or business class ticket instantly. This is another great tip to get cheap business class flights.

7. Buy a premium economy seat, if available. Sometimes the flight happens to be overbooked due to the really restricted number of premium economy seats, so you probably get a chance to get a free upgrade.

8. Purchase an economy class ticket, after that purchase an upgrade to business or first class by using your frequent flier points or miles. This is definitely a smart way to get cheap business class flights.

9. Phone the airlines ticketing service centers early in the morning and ask the type of deals they have for their international business class fares. Why early in the morning? All the airlines ticketing databases are updated with the new days airfares, everyday at midnight. Therefore, each day the airlines run specials that include extremely discounted tickets for almost all their flights, including business class. However, they do not actively publicise this fact so the ordinary people doesn't know about them and those who do buy them up fast.

10. Do online booking. There are several websites provide price comparisons and it is worthy to check them out - even if you are using an airline coupon. You can use them to obtain deals such as getting extra hotel points or airline miles for reserving at certain times.

Cheap business class flights would be yours if can apply any of the above tips. Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cheap Business Class Travel: A little known secret

Want to know the secrets of cheap business class travel? Sitting in economy class and spending hours on plane to foreign countries can make your body ache. The economy class leg room dimensions in most airlines are just about 29 inch to 34 inch range. That dimension become smaller as the passenger in front of you leans back his chair into your knees.

If you are in the economy class, you have to pass through the first class and business class cabins when you board the plane. There is tendency to feel envy of those passengers and wish that just once you could stretch out and enjoy the comfort during that long over ocean flight.

Do you have to be a business traveler to fly business class? No, you don't. Anyone who can pay for the ticket can be in that class. Do you have to pay so much to fly business class? No, you don't. Most people think that they have to spend so much for business class tickets. The reality is, it is possible for get cheap business class air fares just about anywhere in the world. Cheap business class travel is just for everyone.

Here's a little known secret. All the airlines ticketing databases are updated with the new day's airfares, everyday at midnight. So how this information can help you? On a daily basis, the airlines run specials that include extremely discounted tickets for almost all their flights, including business class. Nevertheless, they do not actively publicize this fact so the general public doesn't know about them and those who do buy them up fast. How can you grab these tickets? Wake up early and phone the airlines ticketing service centers early in the morning and ask. That's it, you have to inquire what kind of deals they are offering for their international business class fares and see if it fits your travel budget.

The similar situation goes to online travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity; They have deals in place with the airlines. This grants them to purchase in advance large blocks of tickets at lower prices, which they can pass on to you. Just like the airlines, they update their online tickets price around midnight. Any deals or discounts are given by first come first serve basis. So use the strategy explained before to grab your cheap business class flights.

The less well known airlines are another great source for cheap business class tickets. You can save up to 80% with less well known airlines such as India Air and Iceland Air. They too have international flights.

The last but not least method is to redeem your frequent flyer miles for an upgrade. If you can get what is called an elite status on those miles this too may help you upgrade to business class.

Whenever you seek cheap business class travel, remember those points highlighted above. Good Luck!

Business Class Airline Travel: 5 Excellent Tips for Upgrades to Business Class

Looking for business class airline travel in a cheaper price? Read this, you will be surprised. In order to fly in greater comfort, many travelers paying around £5000 for a business class ticket. They do not know that, if they meet certain guidelines, they can ask for an upgrade from economy class. This works for most airlines. In this article, I will share five excellent tips for you to make use of the loopholes and receive your upgrade without any charges. These excellent tips are from check in staff of a few of the best-known airlines. Many regular travelers regard these tips to be the holy grail of having something for free.

No. 1:
Show up early. Any spare seats in business class are acknowledged in advance. The check-in staff are aware of this, and there are chances for you to get an upgrade if you ask early.

No. 2:
Be Polite. Imagine your are the check-in staff. Would you reward a person who are rude and rough, or somebody who's pleasant and make your day? There could be 250 travellers in the waiting line behind you, so make them remember you. Be nice, smile, use their name or flirt, and you may well receive a pleasant surprise. A cheap business class ticket may be yours!

No. 3:
Dress smartly. Be sure that to dressed smartly when you travel. If you are wearing a scruffy t-shirt, shorts or sandals, your request for an upgrade will definitely be declined. At the very least, check in wearing a shirt and pants. However, do not overdress. A suit is not necessary - unless you really need to. The bottom line is to look smart, but not like you are attempting too hard. Business class airline travel in cheaper price simply yours if you know the tricks!

No. 4:
Ask. No one know what's in your head or your needs, so make sure your ask - but ask at the right time. If the check in staff look stressed, that is not a suitable time. Try to ask when you get to the gate. If the counter staff have reacted well, when they ask you if you've any particular seat request, be nice and tell "Business Class" to them. It may simply work.

No. 5:
Be a Frequent Flier. A member of a frequent flier programme are more likely to get an upgrade. This is one way the airline rewards you for your royalty. You may think that the programme can only be joined by those who fly frequently. That is not true. Even if you don't fly frequently, you can join it. Just go to that airline website and register. It will just take a minute or two, and is well worth the time.

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Cheap Business Class Ticket: How to Find the Cheap Deals

Cheap business class ticket are normally the dreams of economy class passengers. Nowadays passengers wish for simply a discounted airline seat on a flight. Business passengers and travelers likewise desire comfort and excellent service.

Earlier there were many airlines that were all prepared to offer passengers what they want. Planes with only business class seats and service were accessible on transatlantic journey on a few favourite airlines. Nevertheless due to difficult financial times a lot of the business class airlines have disappeared.

Most of the primary airlines offer top economy, i.e. business class and first class seats on worldwide flights. The differences between the classes can be seen in seat dimension, service and airfare with both classes offer price significantly more than a normal economy seat.

Once in a while, you can ask for an upgrade at the check-in counter if business class travel seats are not entirely used up on a plane. This will usually charge far lower than prior booking such class seat on most main airlines.

The most excellent way to travel in such class without spending a huge amount of money is to use airline miles to book your trip. Arrival airfare in such class on most flights demands between 85,000 to 135,000 miles, which depend on which airline you are boarding and how distant you are traveling. Almost all main airlines have corporation with other airlines and you can use your miles to book flights on partnership airlines as long as you reserve through the airline for which you've miles. Cheap business class travel is yours if you know the tricks.

To keep off spending out that much money, associate an airline loyalty program and use your miles for international flights. One more alternative is to seek upgrade just prior to the voyage. This is possible only when business class flight is vacant.

Traveling should be a pleasant experience and sitting in a business class flights would make it happen. If you need cheap business class ticket, you have to search about to find the best deal. There are many website that offer you ample information for you to make decision.

You can even enjoy discounted tickets from the airlines which are less-well known. These airlines publicize by offering low-priced flights to attract the interest of both the normal & casual fliers.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cheap Business Class Fares: Do Not Buy Cheap Business Class Fares Until You Read This

Looking for cheap business class fares? If you need cheap business class fares you should browse around to have the best deal. You can check out several booking website, change your dates and hold until the suitable time to buy. But if you have little time and effort, you still can save big on your next flight. Below are a few tips that will save your time and effort.

Keep off purchasing business class flight tickets during peak season because tickets during this season are normally expensive. Prices might rise if you buy them prior to 21 days, 14 days, 7 days and 3 days before taking flight. If you are planning to go overseas, the great deal would be to book your business class airline travel earlier - from 3 to 6 months ahead.

You may purchase cheap business flight tickets at the really last minute, if airlines have failed to fill up their planes. There are several airlines that offer weekly ezines to its clients so that they are aware about their last minute deals.

Never book the first fare you encounter. Browse over the web and check out some main online travel suppliers. This will leave you a general idea as to which airline would you favour, what the becoming rate is and what limitations must apply. After browsing over the various online travel suppliers, you can straightaway visit the appropriate airline website to see if the same flights are any cheaper.

A lot of people are mazed as to when should they end tracking fares and make up their final purchase. There are several sites online which will suggest you either to book right away or wait, depending on whether the fare is likely to go up or drop down. This is another great way to get cheap business class fares.

It was a little hard to find 1st class discount airlines. But the internet make it a bit easy. Discounters are cropping up more often on aggregate and booking sites. But there are a few airlines like Southwest, whose fares you can not find anywhere expect on their own websites. If you're projecting to go outside U.S, look into the international discounter airlines too.

Occasionally airfare prices decline after you have bought your tickets. You can ask for a repayment. It is really hard to get the refund amount, but policies vary by airline. Several airline companies don't publicize the reality that they will give back the difference if prices decline. But it is never bad to inquire the repayment amount.

A lot of national airlines offering air passes at discounted rates for tourists. This is performed by a lot of countries to boost tourism. If a person plans to go extensively throughout a country or region, an air pass can spare a lot of money. If you are projecting to travel extensively throughout Australia, it offer Aussie Air pass.

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