Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cheap Business Class Travel: A little known secret

Want to know the secrets of cheap business class travel? Sitting in economy class and spending hours on plane to foreign countries can make your body ache. The economy class leg room dimensions in most airlines are just about 29 inch to 34 inch range. That dimension become smaller as the passenger in front of you leans back his chair into your knees.

If you are in the economy class, you have to pass through the first class and business class cabins when you board the plane. There is tendency to feel envy of those passengers and wish that just once you could stretch out and enjoy the comfort during that long over ocean flight.

Do you have to be a business traveler to fly business class? No, you don't. Anyone who can pay for the ticket can be in that class. Do you have to pay so much to fly business class? No, you don't. Most people think that they have to spend so much for business class tickets. The reality is, it is possible for get cheap business class air fares just about anywhere in the world. Cheap business class travel is just for everyone.

Here's a little known secret. All the airlines ticketing databases are updated with the new day's airfares, everyday at midnight. So how this information can help you? On a daily basis, the airlines run specials that include extremely discounted tickets for almost all their flights, including business class. Nevertheless, they do not actively publicize this fact so the general public doesn't know about them and those who do buy them up fast. How can you grab these tickets? Wake up early and phone the airlines ticketing service centers early in the morning and ask. That's it, you have to inquire what kind of deals they are offering for their international business class fares and see if it fits your travel budget.

The similar situation goes to online travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity; They have deals in place with the airlines. This grants them to purchase in advance large blocks of tickets at lower prices, which they can pass on to you. Just like the airlines, they update their online tickets price around midnight. Any deals or discounts are given by first come first serve basis. So use the strategy explained before to grab your cheap business class flights.

The less well known airlines are another great source for cheap business class tickets. You can save up to 80% with less well known airlines such as India Air and Iceland Air. They too have international flights.

The last but not least method is to redeem your frequent flyer miles for an upgrade. If you can get what is called an elite status on those miles this too may help you upgrade to business class.

Whenever you seek cheap business class travel, remember those points highlighted above. Good Luck!

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