Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Business Class Airline Travel: 5 Excellent Tips for Upgrades to Business Class

Looking for business class airline travel in a cheaper price? Read this, you will be surprised. In order to fly in greater comfort, many travelers paying around £5000 for a business class ticket. They do not know that, if they meet certain guidelines, they can ask for an upgrade from economy class. This works for most airlines. In this article, I will share five excellent tips for you to make use of the loopholes and receive your upgrade without any charges. These excellent tips are from check in staff of a few of the best-known airlines. Many regular travelers regard these tips to be the holy grail of having something for free.

No. 1:
Show up early. Any spare seats in business class are acknowledged in advance. The check-in staff are aware of this, and there are chances for you to get an upgrade if you ask early.

No. 2:
Be Polite. Imagine your are the check-in staff. Would you reward a person who are rude and rough, or somebody who's pleasant and make your day? There could be 250 travellers in the waiting line behind you, so make them remember you. Be nice, smile, use their name or flirt, and you may well receive a pleasant surprise. A cheap business class ticket may be yours!

No. 3:
Dress smartly. Be sure that to dressed smartly when you travel. If you are wearing a scruffy t-shirt, shorts or sandals, your request for an upgrade will definitely be declined. At the very least, check in wearing a shirt and pants. However, do not overdress. A suit is not necessary - unless you really need to. The bottom line is to look smart, but not like you are attempting too hard. Business class airline travel in cheaper price simply yours if you know the tricks!

No. 4:
Ask. No one know what's in your head or your needs, so make sure your ask - but ask at the right time. If the check in staff look stressed, that is not a suitable time. Try to ask when you get to the gate. If the counter staff have reacted well, when they ask you if you've any particular seat request, be nice and tell "Business Class" to them. It may simply work.

No. 5:
Be a Frequent Flier. A member of a frequent flier programme are more likely to get an upgrade. This is one way the airline rewards you for your royalty. You may think that the programme can only be joined by those who fly frequently. That is not true. Even if you don't fly frequently, you can join it. Just go to that airline website and register. It will just take a minute or two, and is well worth the time.

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